Felicity Kate Ltd is here to help you...

My dogs:

Past and present.

Dogs. They are my world and they always have been - always will be in fact!


I'm Jane by person - but share my professional canine identity with the wonderful 'Felicity Kate' - my beautiful Rottweiler who is always by my side.


I have a passion and dedication to our canine companions of all shapes, sizes and breeds!


Whatever the breed of your own dog and whatever the size, I can help you BE the OWNER that YOUR DOG DESERVES!

More importantly, I can ensure that your dog gets the RESPECT it DESERVES. If your dog is respected, then your dog will respect you...


With a professional background in the social care sector, caring is certainly in my bones - and I'm just as sociable and compassionate with dogs, as humans.

In the unprecedented time which we all now live within (COVID-19), I am pleased to provide online canine psychology services - ensuring that I can help you and your dog, wherever you may be in the UK.


Pick up the 'dog n bone' and talk to me today. It could be the best thing that you've done for your dog.


Remember, my aim;


HELPING you BE the OWNER that YOUR DOG DESERVES - Felicity Kate Ltd!


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