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Online canine psychology

is Lewisa Furwoman's expertise...

BE the OWNER that your DOG deserves!


Does your dog?? ... Spend lots of time home alone... bark unnecessarily... get over excited... need some socialisation... jump up at visitors... not respond to basic commands... go to bite or growl... pull on the lead... react inappropriately around other dogs... need a good long walk... or something else entirely!?

Lewisa Furwoman is here to help you and your dog, with her unique and highly experienced 'Nature-Nurture' approach to training.

An initial Canine Psychology Dog owner Training Session, costs £50.00.

COVID-19 is no obstacle to your dog receiving expert, professional canine guidance and assistance. The beauty of the internet and FaceTime, is that Lewisa Furwoman can be on hand with the click of a few buttons or a phonemail!


BE the OWNER that gives your dog both LOVE and RESPECT - get on the 'dog n bone' to Lewisa Furwoman today -



I have been out with Lewisa, taking my own dog Oscar. She gave me some fabulous advice and tips for getting him to walk to heel. I have watched her with dogs in her care and she has always been brilliant with them. I would trust her with my dog completely. So if you need advice, support and guidance and training with your dog - make sure you speak to Lewisa.


We worked closely with Lewisa for over 6 months with our Rescue dog who had separation anxiety. Lewisa was supportive and had an intrinsic understanding/knowledge of dogs that was amazing. We were able to get our dog walking to heel, walking off lead and more accepting of men too. Lewisa was always there when we needed advice, additional support or more time. We are very grateful for all her hard work with both us and our dog. Thank-you Lewisa!

Phone to discuss more: 07851 525842